Dresden Irish Chain Quilt

This is my version of a Dresden Irish Chain Quilt. I made it for my dad for Christmas, and now that he has it, I can share it! I was worried about it making it to him, the Post Office always seems to lose Christmas gift quilts that are large and time consuming…. However, my mom called and said that this one made it (barely) and the tape was the only thing holding the box together. At least it got there, right?
So I have wanted to make my dad a quilt for a while, but tackling a King sized quilt is something you have to carve out a good bit of time for! I didn’t do that though, and ended up rushing like crazy in November and the first part of December to do it. He really likes blue and simple and traditional, so I knew I wanted to do a Dresden of some sort.

I used this tutorial from The Crafty Quilter for the Dresden plates, as I wanted them to be big! There ended up being 18 of these in all shades of medium to dark blue. I really wanted to use red in the quilt too, but yellow ended up what auditioned best for the centers.

My real dilemma was figuring out what to do for the other block, the one that would surround the Dresden blocks and let them stand out, while still being an interesting background. Enter my favorite Irish Chain block! I just used the dark navy and added really small sashing in between the blocks. Hopefully he likes it and it fits correctly on the bed, I’m too far away to measure.

I used fabric that I got from his mother’s stash when she was no longer able to sew, so some of those scraps are pretty special and are probably in other quilts or dresses that she has made for our family in past years. The yellow is hers, and the floral with yellow, and the light blue floral too. All solids are Kona solids, which are my very favorite! Quilting done by Tricia Clayton in Arizona. She is great!!!

Kona Navy Fabric       30 Degree Ruler

Kona White Fabric     Dresden Pattern Book

Kona Sky Fabric

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